2022 NorthPaws Camp Series

Ages 8-16
June 27, 28 & 29, 2022
$85/Session or $200 for all 3

Each 2-hour session will consist of 6, 20-minute stations. Each station will have a different NorthPaws player or coach who will introduce drills to improve one particular skill needed to develop into a complete baseball player. Each participant will receive a hot dog or burger and a drink from the NorthPaws Kanteen following their camp session.

Players will be split into groups of no more than 7, based on age and ability, to rotate through each station. Each group will be assigned a NorthPaws player to serve as a “group leader” who will assist each station’s instructor, giving a 2:7 player-to-coach ratio or better. Each session will be held at McArthur Island Park to access fields of different dimensions to accommodate players of all age groups. In case of inclement weather, we will also have access to the state-of-the-art Sussex Centre indoor facility.

Camp Itinerary

June 27th 4pm-6pm
Pitching & Catching

Pitching Stations

  • Pitching out of the windup
  • Pitching out of the stretch
  • Understanding tempo & direction
  • Holding runners & pickoffs
  • 4-seam vs 2-seam fastball
  • Developing a 2nd pitch

Catching Stations

  • One knee vs traditional set-ups
  • Using body angles to frame pitches
  • Blocking from different set-ups
  • Throwing from different set-ups
  • Game calling & pitcher-catcher relationships
  • How to deliver a tag on plays at the plate

June 28th 4pm-6pm
Infield & Outfield

Infield Stations

  • One-handed fielding
  • Using feet to move through ground balls
  • First step to backhand & forehand
  • Pop-up priorities & communication
  • Feeding & turning double plays
  • Understanding tandem relays

Outfield Stations

  • First step over each shouolder
  • 3-step crow hop to throw
  • Understanding positioning depths
  • Pop-up priorities & communication
  • Using feet-first figure 4 slide
  • Knowing when to throw behind the play

June 29th 4pm-6pm
Hitting & Baserunning

  • Understanding the cause & effect of the bat path
  • Understanding early connection
  • How to create space with lower body for top hand to work from behind the ball
  • Getting jumps and reads based on defensive positioning
  • Reading & stealing on balls in the dirt or different types of pitchers
  • Optimizing angles while baserunning

NorthPaws Guest Coach

Have a Kamloops NorthPaws player join your team for a game in the KMBA Sussex All-Star Tournament. Your NorthPaws guest coach will:

  • Join your team for the entirety of 1 game, as well as 30 minutes before and after the game.
  • Act under the direction of your team’s head coach as to how best interact with your players to provide a positive and impactful experience.
  • Serve as your First or Third Base Coach, as requested.
  • Assist and instruct during pre-game warmups.
  • Be in the dugout during the game and interact with the players while being able to offer insight as to their path into collegiate baseball.
  • Make mound visits during games to help encourage and implement a plan for the next hitter, as requested.
  • Be available for pre-game or post-game talks and Q&A sessions. Coaches can ask NorthPaws players to speak on any agreeable and relatable topics.

How to Hire a Guest Coach

$125 per NorthPaws player per game


If 5 players from your team register for at least 1 session in the
2022 NorthPaws Camp Series


If your team purchases a minimum of 10 tickets to a game during the NorthPaws home series against the Cowlitz Black Bears on July 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Contact Us

If you are seeking more information about the NorthPaws Camp Series, please contact the NorthPaws staff: