Every Friday leading up to the start of our inaugural season in the West Coast League we will be featuring one of our 15 league opponents in our Around the WCL series. The West Coast League was founded in 2005 and will grow to 16 teams in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Oregon for the 2022 season. This week: the Bend Elks

Vince Genna Stadium. Photo: Bend Elks

Founded: 2000

Home Stadium: Vince Genna Stadium | Bend, OR

Mascot: Vinnie the Elk

2021 Season: 26-22 | Tied-2nd in South Division, lost tiebreaker to Ridgefield for playoff berth

Best Seasons:

  • West Coast League Champions: 2015
  • Pacific International League Champions: 2004

Vinnie the Elk

Notable Alumni:

  • MLB
    • Blaine Hardy
    • Brandon Brennan
    • Brian Barden
    • Chris Mazza
    • Cooper Hummel
    • Dan Butler
    • Darrell Ceciliani
    • Eric Sogard
    • Evan Reed
    • Jacoby Ellsbury
    • Janson Junk
    • Jeff Brigham
    • Nicky Lopez
    • Seth Brown
    • Trevor Hildenberger
    • Tyler Graham
    • Tyler Smith

Photo: Bend Elks


The Bend Elks were one of the founding members of the West Coast League after playing in the Pacific International League.

Fun fact: The Elks set the West Coast League record for most times hit at the plate when their batters were struck 72 times in one season.

The collegiate team was founded as part of an effort to save the stadium from demolition in the 90s.

In the 1920s, the local semi-pro baseball team would sport the name of whichever company would sponsor them using the monikers of Elks, Eagles, Loggers and Athletics

1926 was the first iteration of the Elks, named after the local organization. Future Red Sox infielder Johnny Pesky and the 1936 Bend Elks won the state title.

Professional baseball also has a long history in Bend.

The Bend Rainbows, Bend Timber Hawks, Central Oregon Phillies, Bend Bucks, Bend Rockies and Bend Bandits were minor league teams that played at Vince Genna Stadium through the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Actor Kurt Russel played second base for the Rainbows in 1971.

Warming up in front of the Two Bulls Fire in 2014. Photo: Bend Elks