KAMLOOPS, BC—The Kamloops NorthPaws have gone to California to secure their new pitching coach.  The WestCoast League team is pleased to announce that T.C. Fairfield has agreed to lead their pitchers in the 2024 season.

“I am super excited to be part of a budding franchise in a league I remember participating in way back when I went to Pacific University in 2012-13,” he says.   Fairfield played for Portland that season.

“I’ve wanted to be a coach in this league since I started doing summer ball back in 2017 and Kamloops is an awesome spot to do it in.”

Fairfield likes what he sees in the Kamloops franchise.  “The ownership and front office group have a very strong vision for building a successful team within an awesome sports community. When interviewing for this position, I was really craving a commitment to a growth mindset in the organization from the top down.  The NorthPaws willingness to completely invest in the players and team experience, as well as improving the stadium experience really stood out to me and made me want to jump aboard.”

Fairfield and new head coach Jose Bautista have already had a few conversations about how they want the pitching staff to work.

“I am super excited to work with Jose. His style meshes so nicely with mine. It is going to be so much fun having two guys on the same wave length.  He is kind of a pro style guy as well.  We have to let the guys learn from mistakes and being there to help them. We will respect the game and handle our business the right way. We are going to have a club that is really talented and something Kamloops can be proud of as representative.”

What about the aspect of a large pitching staff?  Fairfield says bring it on. “There will be more than 20 pitchers. Right now, we have 16 pitchers who we have offered contracts. We are expecting 10 or so more within the next month. When I was at San Jose State, as a pitching coach—we had 24 pitchers.  20 would be light. I am ready for it. Getting to know the different personalities and stories—it is so exciting.”

“My pitching philosophy is different from most people,’ he explains. “ I believe every single guy is an individual and is different. I can’t go into this thinking that every pitcher will operate the same way. It is more of a personal connection. Getting to know them, their styles and what it takes to get the most out of them. I think that getting the most out of each guy through their skill set and strength makes me a better coach as well.”

Fairfield says he is more of a mental coach than a mechanical one.

“The summer season is a short one, but the newest NorthPaws coach thinks he can pass on some helpful tips for the pitchers game.  “ You get guys who have this small window of opportunity to improve their skills.  It is my job to send them back to their coaches in University with a better idea of managing their day to day routine and their arsenal. The short season gives the players a sense of urgency to improve and maximize their skills. I can’t make you superman in two months but I can help you learn more about yourself and better schedule a routine and a maintenance plan or work on a grip.”

Fairfield has seven years of head coaching experience in summer baseball including with the South Bay Storm in San Jose  and the Dubsea Fishsticks in Seattle last season.   He is currently the pitching coach at Gavilan College in Gilroy, California.

“I love baseball,” he states.  “You can’t take me away from being on the field.  I love sharing experiences and helping others in their journey loving this game.”

Fairfield adds, “The chance to work with top level talent and help them develop as ballplayers and professionals is always fun.  The higher level of competition involved the more fun it gets.”

Fairfield hasn’t been to Canada.  He is looking forward to working and living in Kamloops and enjoying the natural surroundings including the North and South Thompson Rivers.

Academically, Fairfield is a graduate of Pacific University in Oregon (2014) and has a Masters degree in Kinesiology (2016) from Fresno Pacific University in California.

Article written by Larry Read

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